Maxime Bodereau

Game/Level Designer


Hypercore is a rhythm/bullet hell game developed by Game In A Frame. The player must progress through levels where the obstacles are synchronized with the music. It's an arcade and scoring game where skill and focus play an important part.

Link : Steam

Tasks :

Anxiety Break

Normal difficulty

Beatmap design, blockout & set-dressing

Goodbye Planet

Normal difficulty

Beatmap design, blockout

In Isolation

Easy difficulty

Beatmap design, blockout, set-dressing & 3D modeling

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Beatmap design

Obstacles are generated based on the music and retouched by hand. Each level has its own obstacles and settings. All this is integrated with a spline system in the game.


The levels are designed to show the most variety and environmental narrative condensed into a circuit that usually lasts 3 or 4 minutes. The focus is on how the set shows and hides things according to the music and the mood.

8th Heaven

8th Heaven is a life simulation and adventure game that presents itself as a narrative sandbox where the player must create links with the characters and progress in the story.

Link : Twitter - Patreon

Tasks :

Night in the Pool

Night in the Pool is a point'n click and investigation game inspired by j-horror games like Danganronpa. The player goes to a closed pool in search of ghosts, and many mysteries await him...

Link :

Tasks :


Hunger is an thrilling investigation/point'n'click game. Search of clues and follow your suspect's daily routine through a day/night cycle and a time loop that will require you to interact at different times of the day.

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Tomodomo is an adventure/point'n click game where you spend an evening confined inside your home. The concept of the game was to have several different endings depending on the player's actions during the evening.

During this evening, you are in constant phone dialogue with your girlfriend. All objects in the game are manipulable with physics and the whole game fits on a one hour timeline.

Note : The game has not exceeded the prototype state.

Tasks :

Left 4 Dead Study

This level design study was made in order to show how Left 4 Dead creates narration in the structure and in the rhythm of its levels.

Links : Unity build - Documentation (french)

Tasks :

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Left 4 Dead

Heavy focused on crowd management, the levels alternate between corridors/alleys and large spaces such as parking lots/roofs, in order to offer crisis situations to manage, considering the possible random appearance of waves of zombies and specials infected who poach players who wander too far from their group.


You play as 4 students trapped in an academy. Your final goal is to reach a lighthouse located on a cliff not far from there. The episode is initially divided into 3 levels, and the one presented here is the first. Players must reach a barrier on the beach next to the academy.